Friday, July 31, 2009

Speaking of simplify...

Ok so my great inspiration worked for a week... but I see myself very quickly getting burned out with that, and making cards just to get it done. That's not what it's about for me. I want to keep the fun and relaxation/therapy there. So I'm scrapping that plan. (haha) It wasn't quite a complete failure though... I did make some cute things and it HAS gotten me started on Kennedy's baby book, which my goal is to have done by Christmas. So that's good. And it was a good starting point. I'm still relatively new to stamping/card making so I'm still experimenting. I do still need some kind of goal to keep the inspiration coming, so here's my Inspiration Part Deux:

Each week I will CASE a card, try a new color combo, technique and/or layout. If I'm feeling really crafty, all of the above, but if I'm lazy, tired, etc. all of the above may just be fit into one card (or possibly scrapbook page).

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